Terms and Conditions

Exchanger.io is an online site and a p2p platform that allows users to exchange crypto currencies and electronic currencies securely. This document describes the conditions on the basis of which Exchanger.io service is provided. Before using service provided by Exchanger.io, the user is obliged to read and accept all the terms and conditions mentioned below. Otherwise, the user cannot use the services of Exchanger.io.

The parties to this agreement are "Exchanger.io", hereinafter "Service" and any individual using the Service, hereinafter referred to as the "User".


Service means automated electronic e-currency and crypto-currency exchange service located on the address https://exchanger.io which renders services to Users through a special program interface.

E-currencies means electronic currency systems as a third-party developed complex of software.

Crypto-currencies means currencies associated with the internet that uses cryptography, the process of converting legible information into an almost uncrackable code, to track purchases and transfers.

Order means the information submitted in a digital form by using the interface of the Service, expressing the intention of using the Services. Other words for order is "Transaction", "Exchange order" or "Exchange transaction".

Affiliate means client who was referred to Service by User.

Affiliate program means way of marketing activity to promote the Service. User can earn commissions from the fees paid by Affiliate.

Discount program means program to reduce the exchange fee for loyal Users.

Rate is the valuable ratio of between two digital currencies in their exchange.

Products, services and payments

The service offered by Exchanger.io is available and processes exchange orders 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Service offered by Exchanger.io does not render services on the territory of the list of countries and does not serve tax residents of these countries, wherever they are: USA, Canada, Australia, Myanmar, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia , Oman, Yemen, Palestine, Eritrea, Libya, Liberia, Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cote d'Ivoire, Somalia, Guinea, Sierra Leone, Algeria, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Cuba, Cook Islands, North Korea.

The Services offered by Exchanger.io are not intended for use and/or are not available in all other countries where it is illegal. The User is fully responsible for the local law observance.

Payments may not be counterfeit or otherwise fraudulent. We reserve the right to report any fraudulent activity to the appropriate authorities. Payments are final and not reversible except as provided in this Agreement. Each User can use the services of Exchanger.io to transmit funds from OWN account to OWN account.

No 3rd party payments will be accepted. If we find the funds come from 3rd party we will not accept such a payment and will directly reject your order. 3rd party payments will be refunded in full amount less transaction fees of e-currency/crypto-currency processor.

All users are solely responsible to offer valid and accurate information needed to complete the registration or to submit the exchange order.

There is no charge to register account with Service. Exchanger.io reserves the right to collect fees for its services. All fees are automatically calculated on Exchange page and published before User confirms the exchange order.

Users must give us the correct account number and other right personal information. All transfers of digital currencies into wrong digital currencies accounts due to wrong account numbers given by the user are not reversible. We have no powers to retrieve digital currencies placed in another users account.

The User has 5 minutes to accept the transaction offer and completes the payment for the exchange of e-currencies. The user has 15 minutes to accept the transaction offer and completes the payment for the exchange of crypto-currencies. After this time period, exchange order automatically expires.

In case User pays the exchange order in different amount as previously agreed in the exchange order, Service has right to adjust the exchange order to the exact amount of funds received without prior notification using the current actual Rate. If the amount received is too small to cover the minimum fee, we consider such payment as donation and no refund is made. Current miminum amounts of e-currencies and crypto currencies can be viewed on Exchange page. Any received amount smaller than minimum is considered as donation.

The Service operates independently of any e-currency and crypto-currency.

Exchange orders from Perfect Money e-currency can be delayed by Perfect Money management. Due to security and fraud prevention, Perfect Money may put your payment on hold. The Service completes exchange order after Perfect Money release User's payment to Service's account.

Exchange order is completed by the Service automatically after receiving payment from the User. We are not responsible for delays caused by technical problems of 3rd party systems of exchanged e-currencies. In case of any delay, User need to contact the Service via sending message on exchange transaction page.

Any tax consequences of using the Service are the sole responsibility of the User.

The User understands that the Service does not endorse any e-currency/crypto-currency related investments, or merchants. The User understands that the Service warns against investing digital currency in so called high yield investment programs (hyip's) as there is a very high chance that the user will loose their e-currency/crypto-currency.

The Service is entitled to change the conditions of Affiliate Program and Discount program without priour notification.

The User is obliged to follow the Anti-money laundering policy.

Affiliate program

The Service offers commissions for promoting the Service on internet. Every registered User gains affiliate link which needs to be used for promotion to track possible affiliates. Promotion material can be found on Affiliate page.

Once new Affiliate is registered, User earns 20% commissions from profit of the Service.

User can track the history of every paid commission in his account.

The Service will pay out earned commissions to User account defined in the withdrawal form. Withdrawal is possible after reaching minimum amount of 10$.

The Service is obliged to complete commission withdrawal within 24 hours after it is requested by the User.

Discount program

The Service offers to Users way to reduce exchange fee. Discount program consists of 7 levels based on exchanged volume. Discount levels with exchange volumes are described on Discount page.

Exchange volume is calculated from only completed exchange orders of the User and always recalculated into U.S. dollars.

First discount level is offered to every User who register new account with the Service. To apply the discount, User must be logged in to his Service account.

Force Majeure

Neither the User nor the Service will be responsible for delays or failure to fulfill their obligations resulted in the occurrence of force majeure circumstances, including natural disasters, fire, flood, terrorist acts, power shifts, civil unrest, and the non-operation of e-currencies or crypto-currencies, Systems power supply, communication networks and Internet service providers.

Intellectual property

The Service may be used only for the purposes permitted by these terms and conditions. You may not duplicate, publish, modify the contents of this Service website without Service permission. The User admits that the contents of this Service website is copyright-protected. The illegal use of the contents will face prosecution.

Last update: August 23 2019